You’re facing a great deal of changes – And you’re doing it fast

From heightened customer demands to relentless risk and regulation, it’s no secret that security and investment firms need to maintain a high pace of change in order to survive. Cyber and fraud threats are intensifying due to remote working. To top it all off, low or zero fee trading mean you’ve been scrambling to create the efficient operations that keep you in the black.

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Technology not only needs to respond to change, but to anticipate it

You need a partner that can help you stay ahead now and in the future. With an ecosystem of solutions and services to choose from, FIS helps clients not only meet, but accept new challenges. We enable our clients to extend beyond operational efficiencies and improve their customer experience well into the next decade by delivering business-critical data in real time. We help simplify operations across all asset classes so you can spend more time on what matters most.

Move your business forward with FIS

FIS stays ahead of how the world evolves by powering businesses across commerce, banking and capital markets to outpace today’s fast-changing landscape and help clients run, grow and achieve more for their business.

Our solutions are used by:

of the world’s largest asset managers
of the world’s largest private equity firms
of the largest global banks


What’s stopping you from expanding
beyond your operational efficiencies?

If you’re worried about falling behind or your inability to keep up with industry drivers, such as cloud, crypto and ESG, we know the solution.

  • The need for global expansion
  • The move to cloud-based services
  • The rise of ESG investing
  • The transition to digital
    and data analytics
  • The gap between traditional and
    digital assets
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Buy side and sell side –
two different faces of the same coin

From optimizing risk management and achieving regulatory compliance to making smarter decisions that help increase revenue, FIS has you covered.

Buy side

Your business doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change

FIS has driven performance and innovation for clients and businesses for more than half a century. You know us from the back-office foundation you’ve built your business on. But now, we offer enhanced end-to-end platforms, services and solutions with full access to all the data you need to gain greater agility, enrich client engagement and lower operational costs.

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Trusted to help the world meet its challenges

FIS has always helped clients achieve operational efficiencies and we continue to do so as clients face the impact of changing working models.

in buy-side clients supported
of assets processed
trusted client assets
FTEs rebadged in the last five years
of the top 50 largest
asset managers served
of the largest private equity firms
served globally

Sell side

Old ways won’t open new doors for your business

For decades, FIS has been unifying our clients’ operations from front to back and simplifying them across all asset classes. Our onsite, hybrid and cloud-native platforms and workflows automate the complete securities and investments operations life cycle. With 80% of capital markets businesses relying on FIS, can you afford to be part of the 20% that are left behind?

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The future relies, runs and builds on FIS

Through FIS’ ecosystem of solutions and services, our clients have been able to extend beyond operational efficiencies to stay ahead now and in the future.

principal markets
data validation corrections performed
each month
cleared derivates processed
of the top 20 clearing firms served
import and matches per second


Rise to the challenge

The change in pace has never been faster for capital markets – which means now is the time to embrace creative investing and take full advantage of modern technology.

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What are you afraid of?

If you said fragmented data, rising regulatory costs, new asset classes or even mitigating ongoing risk, you’re not alone.

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of firms think their approach to automation, scale and efficiency is highly effective

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Delays are dangerous

The solutions needed to consolidate and make your existing platforms scalable are readily available. Act on them now to avoid being left behind.

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Stay up to date on the latest trends

It’s imperative that information and technology teams take advantage of innovation, but which trends are the most important to watch?

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Your strategy needs a strategy

You can’t win anything worthwhile if you don’t have a digital strategy with advanced technology, cloud-native applications and the right kind of talent.

Create a frictionless future

With modern technology, you can develop user-friendly dashboards that provide customers with new insights and empower better decision making.

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Harness your firm’s growth

From monetizing data to simplifying operational costs and outsourcing non-core tasks, there’s plenty you can do to power growth for your firm.

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Learn how to hold your own

There are more competitors, regulations and fragmented data to keep track of in today’s market than ever before. Harness it.

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Expand in all directions

Adopting brand-new trends and opportunities, such as crypto, is no longer a question of if but of when and how.

of businesses think their data integration capabilities are well-equipped for the future

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Take back your control

Streamline your technology to gain further control over your data and free up time to focus on more meaningful tasks.

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For your business, it’s now or never

Data is one of your firm’s most valuable assets. It’s time to translate it into actionable insights you can monetize externally.

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Solutions we provide

Enhance Trading and Investing – Asset Management and Servicing

Drive growth and optimize efficiency

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Discover Data Driven Insights – Data Management

Increase data accuracy and efficiencies

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Optimize Operations and Control Risk – Risk and Compliance

Monitor exposure and ensure compliance

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Enhance Trading and Investing – Cleared Derivatives

Simplify post trading processing

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Enhance Trading and Investing – Securities Finance and Processing

Consolidate and automate for maximum efficiency

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Enhance Trading and Investing – Trading, Connectivity and Market Data

Accelerate your front office

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