With the right retail technology in place you can disrupt the industry without disrupting your business.

Turn to the company trusted by 60% of the world's largest retailers.

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Being a global retailer has always been complicated.

But these days, it's more complicated than ever. You need to streamline operations, optimize costs, provide personalized customer experiences--regardless of channel all while dealing with sharp-elbowed competitors.

Technology in retail operations plays a huge role in all this--but who has the time or the acumen to manage even more.

That's where FIS comes in.

Not only can we help you deliver seamless customer experiences–our know-how means we can do it for you efficiently. From offering a wide array of payment acceptance options to turning customer loyalty into currency, FIS enables you to grow your business.

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60% of the world's largest retailers came to us for the most innovative fintech to help them disrupt and advance.

FIS is the leader in bringing fintech to retailers so you can power ahead.

Whether you're working to stay on top of the latest Buy Now Pay Later option, or the rapid uptake of digital wallets, with our unmatched global reach and experience, we can give you the confidence to expand into new areas, without feeling like the new kid.

We understand all that you need to compete in the ever-changing and the ever-more-competitive markets.

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55.8% of US consumers have used a buy now, pay later (BNPL) service, according to Motley Fool.

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$10T USD Amount of global spend by 2025 via digital wallets according to Juniper Research.

Key trends in the retail industry

The future of retail? Supply chain automation, data monetization and anywhere, anytime payments.

Get ready for a new season of bold

From AI-driven efficiency to real-time rewards, the next generation of retail technology is just around the corner.


Next Gen FinTech for Retailers

From payments to back office, let us help you simplify your operation and create a great customer experience.

Drive Loyalty

Incentivize your customers to keep coming back for more with gift cards to reward point redemption.

Manage Risk

Utilize the latest technology to prevent fraud, control expenses and minimize potential loss.

Take Payments

Enable your customers to pay how and where they want: credit, debit, digital wallets, Buy Now Pay Later, online, curbside or in-store.

Leverage Data

Gain insight into daily transaction activity and consumer trends to provide your business with a competitive edge.

Boost Back-office Efficiency

Streamline back-office operations with the latest accounts payable technology to better manage inventory.

Increase Cart Conversion

Eliminate checkout friction while accelerating transaction completion

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