Buy now, pay later – Here to stay

Post-purchase installment programs are more than a passing trend. They drive customer loyalty.

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Cardholder swag isn’t enough

Consumers favor some credit and debit cards over others. Here’s why.

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It takes more than tech to tango

Find out why you need to look beyond technology to modernize your credit and debit card issuing strategy.

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All in one, one for all

Elevate the cardholder experience by replacing disparate systems with a single platform.

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Promote your brand

SMB Prepaid Cards

Employ your enterprise-grade technology, design, production and support to develop quality prepaid cards that incentivize and reward your customers and employees.

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Elevate the experience

Credit/Debit Issuing

Cardholders today expect more from their financial institution, and with FIS, you can deliver. We simplify credit/debit issuing with modern technologies offering reliability, flexibility, speed and security.

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Stay ahead of cardholder expectations

Payments One Credit Suite

Step up to credit card payment processing that alleviates cardholder worries about security and eliminates frustration when using their cards or redeeming rewards.

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Faster, simpler, seamless and secure

Payments One Debit Suite

Streamline and optimize your debit card management with a flexible, end-to-end platform that positions you to adapt to ongoing change.

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Payment Processing for SMBs

Boost your customer experience and reduce your risk with payment technologies built for your business. FIS Payment Processing for SMBs delivers faster checkout times and robust security to help you grow.

Prepaid Solutions

Offer a convenient and secure alternative to cash or checks with single-load and reloadable prepaid products, and custom and packaged programs.

FIS PaymentsEdge

Create targeted marketing campaigns that consistently drive activation, use and revenue with our end-to-end solution.